Tuesday, October 1, 2013

****New Life Experience****Language Course Spain****

More then two months since i landed in Spain. From my first hours i found this place unique, special, memorable. All this in just the few steps i made in Barcelona. I was before here with one superb city break, but now it's different, so different that i decided to follow one of the best class course sprachkurs spanien   from Barcelona State University, where i sent my CV before i graduate highschool with 4-5 months before. Now, i fully enjoy staying in one great student home, based exactly in the Barcelona University.
This picture is made this morning. Isn't this a nice view !? I fully enjoy it. Each day i have my full schedule, with different seminars and great projects that each student has to made at the end of the semester. What is makes it so different is the special way that great teachers from here, a board that comes all over from Oxford, is that they know the philosophy of the students, and they know how to attract our attention, how to make us interested in the courses. I haven't saw this til here. This is really great, and teens who are here know this. 
My first week, passed fast, same way passed the way i had to adapt on the transport city facilities. Everybody is fast here, and ignore each other. No one is looking to see what the other person is doing. This is something that i like the most. But at the same time i don't understand why people are not capable to do other things faster, anyway. Coming back to school i simply love the new location.
Colleagues are great, and from the first day i made myself new colleagues. This is something that i like and i think that everybody would be able to enjoy. Being a sociable person is what i learned that you need to be when you are abroad. Also in this special occasion i learned also why some colleagues friends are different then other, and why some colleagues are lovely with life. It's a different life with a different habitat. Everybody is looking to help each other, and everybody is looking to do something useful. I learned something useful here. To be positive and to share. To share with the person next to me. This word or gesture was something alien to me, when i was back home. It was impossible to find the answer why i was so selfish, and in time i found the answer. Life is short and we need to live it positive, and in the best way. We are not here for ever, and we need to treasure every moment we have.